Environment, Health and Safety

Environment, Health and Safety

Environmental Policy

We believe that everything we do affects the environment, as such we are committed to managing these activities that give rise to impacts upon the environment. We realize that our greatest environmental impact is likely to be during construction where our activities are often temporary and diverse, and the sites we work on environmentally sensitive. Compliance with environmental legislation and other environmental requirements, including those of our client is our minimum requirement and provides the foundation upon which we manage our activities.

We provide our staff with the skills and knowledge to identify, assess and manage the environmental and social issues associated with site work and ensure that when we engage sub-contractors, they are also aware of and have the resources to manage the environmental issues associated with the project.

Health and Safety

Health & safety is at the heart of all our activities. We are proactive in the management of health & safety and employ a full-time team of professional managers who provide support and advice throughout the company.

Whether to an individual with a personal concern, specific site issues or throughout the complete lifecycle of a project, our safety department maintains an open-door policy. Regular inspections and audits are carried out to verify good practice, confirm safe conditions and identify areas of potential improvement. Our Health & Safety competency and skill base is constantly reviewed and updated to reflect changing needs, whether company, industry or client led. All our team members have the opportunity to enhance their skills and qualifications through our dedicated training department.

Through our health and safety management system; we commit ourselves to ensuring the health and safety of our workers, as well as that of our suppliers, contractors and collaborating companies. To this end, in our health and safety policy, which is applicable to all the sites where the Group is active, we assume the commitment to implement all activities whilst bearing in mind that safety as an essential value as well as a continuous improvement of the health and safety management system.


In the area of occupational medicine important management procedures have continued to be developed in the protection of health.

Medical Check-ups for Workers

Subject to the specific medical protocols based on the risk assessment of the various workstations.

Medical Care

We provide direct medical care through doctors and health camps to workers.


We frequently organise camps for vaccination, blood donation and general health check-ups. We provide medical care in all of the project sites, wherever we operate.